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There are many ways to make the perfect brew at home, or in the workplace. We have brewing equipment to suit all lifestyles, including for the novice through to the more seasoned barista. Check out our range of stovetops, pourovers, chemex', plungers & coffee machines.



From $49.95


Aeropress is the ideal coffee companion for at home or on the go!


Hario V60 - plastic

From $12.50

Hario V60 - plastic

Cheap and cheerful, the classic V60 remade in plastic.


Classic Chemex

From $75.00

Classic Chemex

Elegantly designed, the chemex makes clean, full flavoured coffee.


From $55.00

AeroPress Go

More compact and even lighter than the original, the AeroPress Go is an ideal portable brewing device.


Hario V60

From $43.95

Hario V60

Gorgeous ceramic brewer which makes a full flavoured coffee for one straight into your cup.


Hario V60 Fretta

From $46.50

Hario V60 Fretta

A great alternative to cold brew, this ice coffee maker uses the same method as a normal Hario V60 - just add ice!