It feels a little lonely in here.

Let's change that.

Merlo Blue Goes Green

Join us in our war on waste!

From Monday 26 November, Merlo Coffee takeaway cups and lids are all fully compostable.

We’ve teamed up with BioPak – global leaders in the production of environmentally-sustainable packaging – on a crusade to keep more than 3 million Merlo takeaway cups out of landfill, by introducing fully compostable, eco-friendly packaging for our customers.

Now, you can do something good for the earth by dropping a Merlo BioCup in our collection bins outside any Merlo Coffee store.

These cups and lids will be combined with Merlo’s coffee grounds, food scraps and packaging and within eight weeks it will transform it into organic compost – fantastic worm food!

How does it work?

Making a difference

BioCups from BioPak are the first and only products of their kind certified carbon neutral, B Corp and commercially compostable to AS4736 standards in Australia and New Zealand.

BioPak purchases carbon credits to cover the emissions creation from raw material to manufacturing and transportation and disposal in landfill.

The new Merlo compostable BioCups and lids mean that our customers can make a big difference.

Simply by ditching plastic cups, carbon emissions from Merlo packaging will be cut by 25 per cent and we will keep 9.4 tonnes of plastic out of landfill each year.

You can see our full impact here:

So far BioPak have also planted 75 trees on Merlo’s behalf in the Daintree and ongoing, they will also donate 7.5% of profits towards positive change.

Our future

Doing our part

Even though Merlo is all blue, we strive to be green wherever we can.

For example:

• Our Alto blend, Brazilian single origin and Decaf all come from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms which are managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria.
• We encourage the use of a reusable cup for takeaway coffees. Buy one from us and we’ll give your first coffee free and a discount for every coffee in your cup after that!
• Bring your clean coffee tin or bag (valve intact) back in for a refill and we’ll give you a $1 discount.
• The husks from our roasters are compacted into pellets which can be used in the garden, as a fire starter or in worm farms.
• We encourage the use of coffee grounds in garden beds and compost bins. Bring in a reusable container to collect yours from a store today.