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About Merlo


Fresh Coffee

Merlo Coffee began more than 27 years ago with a simple philosophy — freshly roasted coffee served by people who are passionate about coffee.

Our philosophy has never changed. We take great care in sourcing the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. We roast daily so that our customers can enjoy their coffee at its best — fresh and full of flavour.

Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and skilfully trained. So whether your Merlo comes to you as a morning takeaway or a delivery of beans to your cafe, everyone from our roasting, barista and service teams, are dedicated to providing the best coffee and service every time.

Simply – we want everyone to have a great Merlo experience!


Italian inspired Australian

Coffee is woven into the Merlo family history, originating in Luigi Merlo’s Trattoria in Tirano, Italy. In 1950 Luigi set out to make a new life for his family in Australia, starting in the cane fields of Mackay before moving to Brisbane in 1958.

It was in Brisbane that Luigi’s eldest son Gino continued the family tradition of hospitality, opening Cafe Milano in the Queen St Mall in 1960. The centrepiece of his cafe was a gleaming La San Marco espresso machine — the very first of its kind in Queensland.  With this machine that Gino introduced Queensland society to the European tradition of espresso as the perfect end to a meal.

Cafe Milano was a great success and enabled Gino to move on to creating another Queensland first — a silver service restaurant, also called Milanos, which would play host to such luminaries as Queen Elizabeth II and Pope John Paul II.

It was here that Gino taught his son — and our founder – Dean all he knew about the art of hospitality. Warm service, high standards and of course, how to craft the perfect espresso.


Espresso bar to roasting house

The Merlo Coffee you know today began as a small CBD espresso bar in 1992.

Inspired by his travels throughout Europe and the US after university, Dean Merlo wanted to bring the true espresso bar experience home.

With his passion and the hospitality background he shared with his family, Dean wanted to give customers a unique experience in a vibrant espresso bar.

Struggling to source the best quality beans for his cafe, Dean opened the first Merlo Coffee Torrefazione (Italian roasting house) in 1996. Here he was able to create the quality coffee blends and roasting profiles that he was searching for.

From the Torrefazione, Merlo began selling freshly roasted coffee to other cafés and restaurants, as well as direct to the public to meet the growing desire for cafe quality coffee at home.


Our coffee

The process of sourcing, roasting and blending coffee is an important journey, requiring painstaking attention. Beginning with sourcing the highest quality beans from around the world, care is taken in every step of the process.

Merlo Coffee has created seven unique blends with distinctive flavours and nine single origin beans to suit a broad range of tastes.

We also source limited edition offerings – special, small lot, high grade coffees including those we serve up through our Bean of the Month program.

As a member of the board of the Australian Coffee Traders Association and the Australian Speciality Coffee Association (AASCA), Merlo Coffee is dedicated to ensuring quality control in every aspect of our coffee production.

We also support the Rainforest Alliance sustainable coffee program, which ensures that the high quality beans you purchase are produced in harmony with wildlife to maintain healthy ecosystems.


Here and now

Today, Merlo is proud to be one of Australia’s leading independently owned and operated coffee roasters.

In addition to supplying the public and our own Merlo stores with freshly roasted coffee every day, we also supply more than 1,500 cafes and restaurants throughout Australia. We work hard to ensure that every business serving Merlo receives the freshest coffee for their customers.

With 15 Merlo Coffee stores around Queensland serving fresh roasted coffee daily, we also made the move to Melbourne’s historic Queen Victoria Market in 2016.

Online ordering has made it possible for us to deliver our beans to every part of the country and around the world. 

Merlo Coffee is now proud to offer a 10% discount to Senior, Veteran, Emergency Services and Defence Force customers in store. This discount applies to the total bill for wet coffee, dry coffee, retail items, savoury food and sweets upon presentation of relevant ID. (Discount excludes domestic coffee machine and grinders).

Working with us


Merlo People

Merlo Coffee is built on a culture of hard work, good fun and great customer service.

We are always looking for people with a passion for these principles to join our crew.

Professional training and development is available for all of our staff and we identify potential and strongly support ongoing education.

Many of our valued staff members have been with the company since it began. The greatest example of this is our CEO, James Wilkinson.

Starting in the packing department in 1999, James has moved from filling orders through our Wholesale and Retail operations, climbing all the way to the top.

If you think you’d make a good addition to the Merlo family, please get in touch.

Our Community

Merlo Community

Merlo Coffee Art Series: supporting local artists

In partnership with Art From The Margins, the limited edition Merlo Coffee Art Series is supporting and promoting artists living with disadvantage.

Merlo Community

Superheroes for Sycamore School Day

This month we are once again proud to support the wonderful work of The Sycamore School – a school dedicated to providing a safe and...


Doing our part

Even though Merlo is all blue, we strive to be green wherever we can. For example:

Our BioPak takeaway cups are made of paper sustainably sourced from managed plantations and are printed with soy & water based inks

Our Alto blend, Brazilian single origin and Decaf all come from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms which are managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria.

We encourage the use of a KeepCup for takeaway coffees. Buy one from us and we’ll give your first coffee free and a discount for every coffee in your KeepCup after that!

Bring your 200g or 400g coffee tin back in for a refill and we’ll give you a $1 discount.

The husks from our roasters are compacted into pellets which can be used in the garden, as a fire starter or in worm farms.

We encourage the use of coffee grounds in garden beds and compost bins. Bring in a reusable container to collect yours from a store today.

Our People

My Coffee mezzo mezzo

Dean Merlo


My Coffee mezzo mezzo

James Wilkinson


My Coffee long macchiato

Jon Dowling

Chief Financial Officer

My Coffee long black with hot milk

Jennifer Brock

Head of IT

My Coffee latte

Simon Brooks

Head of Roasting and Distribution

My Coffee skinny flat white

Anna Kerwick

Head of Marketing

My Coffee flat white

Kate McKenzie

Head of Human Resources

My Coffee mezzo mezzo

Louisa Shaw

Acting Head of Retail

My Coffee mezzo mezzo

Steve Olorenshaw

Chief Roaster

My Coffee mezzo mezzo

Tony Alo


My Coffee long black

James Oram


My Coffee flat white

Jono Grandez


My Coffee long black

John Palmer

Roaster - Melbourne

My Coffee mezzo mezzo

Troy Ryan

Acting State Sales Manager - QLD/NSW

My Coffee mezzo mezzo

Reuben Aiono

Business Development Manager

My Coffee mezzo mezzo

Glenn May

Senior Account Manager

My Coffee double shot flat white

Lauren Jackson

Account Manager

My Coffee doppio

Barney Simmonds

Account Manager

My Coffee flat white

Tegan Munro

Account Manager

My Coffee long black

Miriam Newley

Account Manager

My Coffee long black

Lauren Cartwright

Customer Care

My Coffee latte

Jacquie Forde

Wholesale Trainer

My Coffee long black

Vanessa Sheen

Wholesale Trainer

My Coffee flat white

Frances Roberts

Account Manager - Melbourne

My Coffee flat white

Test Customer Care Person

Customer Care