5 signs that a machine clean is overdue

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-08-26 14:34:15 +1000

It’s a terrible thing to suffer through bad coffee.

Make sure you pay attention and pick up if your machine is showing any of these signs:

  1. It seems to be taking longer to extract even though the grind setting, the amount of coffee you’re using and your dose appears correct.
  2. Your cups of coffee are starting to taste inexplicably dirty and/or burnt.
  3. You’re not enjoying your coffee as much as you used to.
  4. The machine or milk steamer is making unusual noises and not performing consistently.
  5. People simply aren’t complimenting you on your coffee any more.


Ultimately, cleaning your machine will save power and help you avoid costly repairs or a full replacement of your coffee machine.

By regularly cleaning your machine, not only will you be adding years onto the life of your much-loved machine, but you’ll also be guaranteeing cup after cup of great tasting quality coffee.