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Mazzer Mini

For the serious coffee afficionado, the Mini Mazzer is a commercial grinder on a domestic scale.



Mazzer have been the grinder of choice for cafes for over 50 years. The Mini gives you the same high quality commercial equipment on a smaller scale, making it perfect for the coffee afficionado who takes their espresso seriously. Featuring a stepless grind adjustment collar for easy and precise grind setting and an adjustable dosage chamber to dispense the perfect amount of ground coffee, this is the real deal. Make sure you get the most out of your Merlo Coffee when you grind at home by following these three simple rules. (Please note: Upon placing your order, you will receive a call from our Customer Service team to verify your details due to the value of this product). 

Imagine ordering coffee every time you run out

With Merlo coffee you can subscribe to having any of our premium blends sent out to you as frequently as you need. Need a new bag every 2 weeks? No problem! Find the blend that suits your taste and never worry about running low on coffee again.