Wholesale FAQs

Is there a minimum order?

There is a minimum order of 5kg for our wholesale customers.

If you are ordering less than this, you can always order Merlo Coffee as you need it from this website.

Online orders over $39 to Australian addresses receive free shipping!


How can I pay for my order?

To establish a wholesale account with Merlo Coffee, we do ask that you pay for your coffee order by credit card.


How long until my order arrives?

Merlo Coffee roast and deliver Monday to Friday to ensure you receive the freshest coffee available.


Here is a handy guide to our order-to-delivery timeframes:


South East Queensland – Order before 12 noon for next day delivery.

Northern Rivers / Sydney – Order before 12 noon for delivery within 2 business days.

Melbourne / Townsville – Order before 1pm for delivery within 3 business days.

Adelaide / Cairns – Order before 1pm for delivery in 4 business days.

Delivery estimates for regional areas can be requested when placing an order.


Can I buy other products from Merlo?

Yes! We also offer a wide range of teas and coffee-related products at competitive wholesale prices. Ask us for a brochure when you get in touch.


How long does coffee stay fresh?

6-8 weeks for whole beans
3-4 weeks for ground coffee

Each bag is date stamped with the day the beans were roasted and packed in air-tight bags with a one-way valve to let gas out without letting moisture or other gases in. We recommend all our customers order smaller amounts regularly for the best flavour.


How many coffees can I get per 1kg of beans?

There are a lot of variables which can affect this figure, but we’d generally say you can make around 70 cups of coffee with every kilogram of whole beans.