Card Terms & Conditions


These terms and conditions are intended to protect you and Merlo Coffee. Please provide your Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card for swiping or scanning, or enter your details online, each time you purchase goods or services from Merlo Coffee

  1. By completing the Friend of Merlo application form in-store or online you confirm you have read, understood and agreed to these Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card terms and conditions.
  2. We reserve the right to change these terms anytime without prior notice and you agree that each time you use the Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card you accept the current terms and conditions.
  3. Participation in the Friend of Merlo Loyalty Card program is open only to individuals [including employees of Merlo Coffee]. Participation is offered at the discretion of Merlo Coffee, who has the right to accept or reject (at its sole discretion) any application to participate.
  4. Membership to the Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card program is free.
  5. The Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card is only valid for use at Merlo Coffee owned stores. The Merlo Coffee stores at the Brisbane International Airport, The Brisbane Domestic Airport and the Sunshine Coast Hospital, are not company owned and therefore are unable to accept the Friend of Merlo loyalty program.
  6. The Merlo Coffee Loyalty Cards are not legal tender, credit or debit cards – they are not transferable and remain the property of Merlo Coffee.
  7. The Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card is a reward card, and benefits can only be applied upon presentation of the Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card by the relevant member of Friend of Merlo in-store.
  8. The Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card has the ability to have cash loaded against it, to be used in-store at Merlo Coffee owned stores or online at the Merlo Coffee shop by entering the card details in like a gift card.
  9. Unless otherwise stipulated in these terms and conditions, cash loaded against the card won’t expire as long as you remain a member of the Friend of Merlo program.
  10. The two free coffees are available once a Friend of Merlo account is activated which may take up to 48 hours.
  11. The benefits of the Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card program are as follows:
    a. Two free coffees for Friend of Merlo signup.
    b. One free coffee (or hot beverage) for every 10 coffees purchased and one free coffee (or hot beverage) on the members’ birthday or 30 days from that date.
    c. A 10% discount if $50 cash, or more,  is loaded onto the Friend of Merlo card. Example $50 value for $45. This can be used for coffee, food and machines.
    d. Monthly promotions, newsletter and offers of tickets, discounts and events.
    e. Other benefits to the Friend of Merlo members will be listed here from time to time.
  12. By joining the Friend of Merlo program, you provide consent for Merlo Coffee to communicate with you using the data provided. Merlo Coffee sends electronic communications promoting our activities to Friend of Merlo subscribers, unless that individual has indicated that they do not want to receive Merlo Coffee electronic communications. Individuals can opt out of receiving Merlo Coffee electronic communications by contacting Merlo Coffee directly on
  13. Each coffee purchased earns 1 point and 10 points car be redeemed for 1 free hot beverage of any size. These can be redeemed when it is earned or saved for a future date. Coffee points will automatically expire after 12 months of earning them. Points can be check by logging in to your account online here. Coffee points cannot be exchanged for cash or other items. Coffee points are only to be used for hot beverages at Merlo Coffee owned retail outlets. Customers will be limited to redeeming 5 items in any one transaction.
  14. The maximum number of points that can be stored on a Friend of Merlo card is 200 points. Any points that are accrued after 200 points has been reached will not be stored as a point.
  15. The minimum amount of cash that can be loaded onto the Friend of Merlo Loyalty Card to attract a discount is $50 and the maximum is $250. Amounts less than $50 can be loaded onto the card, but they will not attract a discount. Card balances can be viewed here.
  16. The Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card can also be used simply as a gift card and the individual does not have to join the Friend of Merlo program, but the two free coffees will only be activated once an individual successfully completes the signup process for the Friend of Merlo program.
    Promotions or card values cannot be transferred between customers and cards, nor can they be redeemed for cash.
  17. From time to time Merlo Coffee may send you offers from partners of Merlo Coffee.
  18. Each Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card is valid for one person only and cannot be used by any other person, other than the Friend of Merlo whose details are linked to that card.
  19. Merlo Coffee is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen cards. If you have lost, damaged or had your card stolen please ask at your store or call 1800 637 567 to have it deactivated and have another card re-issued with the remaining balance transferred. Merlo Coffee is not responsible for any lost Friend of Merlo card loaded with money.
  20. Membership to Merlo Coffee’s Friend of Merlo program may be cancelled/refused to individuals by Merlo Coffee at its absolute discretion, particularly if membership is deemed to be fraudulent, linked to a fraudulent memberships and/or a members engages at any of the Merlo Coffee stores or online, in a derogatory, harmful and/or manner otherwise regarded by Merlo Coffee as highly inappropriate.
  21. Merlo Coffee reserves the right to terminate the Merlo Coffee Friend of Merlo program and the Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card at any time by providing at least 30 days prior written notice, in which case you will no longer be able to use and/or participate within the Merlo Coffee Friend of Merlo program. After the expiry of the notice period and Merlo Coffee shall have no further liability to you including for unused points and cash loaded against the card.
  22. Except as provided in any law which cannot lawfully be excluded or modified by agreement, Merlo Coffee does not accept any liability whatsoever, including for negligent acts and omissions, with respect to:
    a. the breach of any of these terms or any term implied by law [including statute] by any person other than Merlo Coffee;
    b. any benefit , reward, prize or giveaway;
    c. any death or injury or consequential loss or damage arising from the supply of a Friend of Merlo benefit and/or other reward, prize, giveaway;
    d. the loss, theft or destruction of the Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card or any other Friend of Merlo benefit or other reward, prize, giveaway;
    e. any failure, delay or inability to provide the Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card or other Friend of Merlo benefit or other reward, prize, giveaway to you caused by circumstances beyond its control, including strikes or industrial disputes, acts of God, flood, weather, war or civil disturbance; and
    f. any other liability, loss or damage incurred or suffered by any Member [or any other person] in connection with the Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card program.
  23. Merlo Coffee may give you notice:
    a. by advertising in a newspaper circulating throughout Australia;
    b. by email or sms [to the last known email address or mobile number provided], which you are taken to have received upon the sender receiving confirmation the message has been sent;
    c. by Merlo Coffee website,, which you are taken to have received within 5 days of posting on the website; or
    d. in writing, which you are taken to have received if issued by hand, immediately, or given by post on the earlier of the date of receipt or 3 days after it was sent via post.
  24. You must advise Merlo Coffee of any change of name, address, email address or telephone numbers or other details as soon as the change occurs. Merlo Coffee is not responsible for any failure by you to notify Merlo Coffee of the change that may result in the loss of Merlo Coffee Friend of Merlo program benefits and/or any other rewards, prizes, giveaways. Written proof acceptable to Merlo Coffee must be supplied for any change of details. Changes to address can be made by email to or in writing to Merlo Coffee, PO Box 1297, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006, y calling 1800 637 567 or completing the Contact form online at
  25. Any failure or delay by Merlo Coffee in exercising its rights under these terms does not constitute a waiver of those rights and any waiver by Merlo Coffee must be in writing and signed by an authorised officer of Merlo Coffee.
  26. These terms will be construed according to and governed by the laws of Queensland and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Queensland.
  27. You consent to us, contacting you from time to time, including by telephone, post, facsimile and electronic (i.e. SMS, internet) methods.
  28. You agree that you have read and accept the terms of our privacy policy available on, including (without limitation) the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.
  29. When you select to receive a Digital Friend of Merlo card you will receive this card via email from Merlo Coffee, or can access it from your Account at
  30. Digital Friend of Merlo cards can be used for the accrual of loyalty points and to pay for purchases instore. Digital cards can be used instore for financial transactions if cash has been pre-loaded onto the account. Merlo Coffee does not take any responsibility for any cash that is loaded onto a Digital card or plastic Friend of Merlo card. If the digital or physical card is lost or stolen, it is the member’s responsibility to advise Merlo Coffee immediately via email or phone and request for that card to be cancelled and/or a new card to be reinstated and any remaining balance to be transferred over. Any cash that has been unlawfully taken off a card or used by an unauthorised party  is the liability of the Friend of Merlo member and Merlo Coffee will not be liable to reimburse the Friend of Merlo member for such losses.
  31. To accrue points in-store with your Digital Friend of Merlo card, you must present your Digital card each time you make an eligible transaction.
  32. Without your Digital Friend of Merlo card, your transaction will not be recorded and will not count towards the accumulation of points.
  33. Merlo Coffee reserves the right to request identification from you to verify that you are the registered Digital Friend of Merlo cardholder.
  34. Points accrued on a Digital Friend of Merlo card cannot be redeemed for cash.



  1. The Gift Card is issued by Merlo Coffee Pty Ltd ABN: 3 901 077 0046.
  2. You may use this Gift Card to purchase goods and services from our Merlo Coffee owned retail stores or online in our shopping cart.
  3. Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash.
  4. Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from date of purchase. Any gift card not used by that date becomes invalid and the value of the card is expired.
  5. The purchaser of the Gift Card is provided with a proof of purchase and is encouraged to hold onto that receipt of purchase.
  6. The minimum top-up amount onto a Merlo Coffee Gift Card is $10 and the maximum is $250.
  7. We will not replace lost, stolen or damaged Gift Cards.
  8. To check your Merlo Coffee gift card’s expiry date, transaction history and card balance call 1800 637 567.
  9. We do not provide change on gift cards, but the remaining value can be stored for future use. This Gift Card may be loaded with cash and it then becomes a pre-paid card.



“Application form” means form completed in person or form available online at

“Merlo Coffee” means Merlo Coffee and its stores and website.

“Friend of Merlo” means the person who is a member of the Merlo Coffee loyalty program.

“Merlo Coffee Loyalty Card” means the plastic card that has been provided by Merlo Coffee for use by each member in
relation to the Friend of Merlo Coffee.

“Friend of Merlo benefits” means the facilities, services, products, discounts, offers, activities and events or arrangements
offered or available to members from time to time.

“Gift Card” means the plastic card that can be sold and redeemed simply as a gift voucher.

“Stored digitally” means a plastic Friend of Merlo card that is stored and converted to a digital format using smartphone or website applications.

“Digital card” means a Friend of Merlo card that is accessed online and is designed to be used via a smartphone or mobile digital device.

Title Goes Here

Merlo Coffee is on a mission to obtain carbon neutrality, and to get there, Head of Operations Simon Brooks reflects on its sustainability endeavours.

Brisbane-based coffee company Merlo Coffee is turning up the heat on its sustainability goals, making a very deliberate effort to become more environmentally friendly in all its business practices.

Merlo’s Head of Operations Simon Brooks says this includes everything from discounts on reusable cups and compostable packaging, to recently installed solar panels at several facilities.

“Sustainability has become a buzz word in recent years, and people are increasingly looking to companies to implement sustainable business practices. There’s no reason for businesses to not try and do the most for the environment and do their part here in Australia,” says Simon.

“Our goal this year is to reduce our emissions even further, firstly by reintroducing reusable cups back into the marketplace as COVID-19 subsides.”

To incentivise customers, Merlo is offering a free coffee on purchase and $0.50 savings on refills for customers that use a reusable cup.

Merlo is determined to keep more than three million takeaway cups out of landfill. To help reach its goal, sustainable packaging company BioPak has introduced fully compostable, eco-friendly packaging for Merlo customers.


“Compostable BioCups from BioPak are the first and only products of their kind to be certified carbon neutral, B Corp, and commercially compostable to Australia and New Zealand standards. It allows customers to make a big difference through their choices,” says Simon.

“Now you can do something good for the earth by dropping a Merlo BioCup in our collection bins outside any Merlo Coffee store. These cups and lids will be combined with Merlo’s coffee grounds, food scraps and packaging and in less than 12 weeks, the by-product is utilised as a nutrient rich compost.”

Merlo’s BioPak cups use Ingeo polylactide bioplastics, which utilise a number of renewable resources such as plant oils, cellulose, starches, sugars, carbohydrates, bacteria and algae. This results in 75 per cent less greenhouse gases than conventional plastics.

“We distribute around five million cups per year from our warehouse, which is a huge amount of landfill. That’s a major reason why we partnered with BioPak, to make sure we reduce our wastage and do as little damage as possible to the environment,” Simon says.