Anouk Paddington

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-08-27 10:33:17 +1000

Anouk Cafe is a Brisbane breakfast institution located in the heritage listed Apothecary building in the eclectic suburb of Paddington.

For more than nine years they have maintained their credo of combining honest service and a commitment to offering great food that won’t break the bank.

For Anouk’s owner, Justine, the obsession with coffee and breakfast was born when she made her first real coffee on an original 1960’s stovetop.

“It was love at first taste, and heralded the beginning of a long term breakfast obsession,” Justine said.

“It’s my favourite meal of the day without question, the one I simply won’t go without. Breakfast is a meal which deeply satisfies.”

Merlo Coffee has been alongside Justine throughout her journey at Anouk, as well as at a number of her other cafés along the way.

In her world, no other coffee company can match the quality and consistency of both the product and the service that Merlo offers.


Photo: Justine - owner of Anouk Paddington