5 reasons to choose Merlo if you’re a cafe owner

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-09-11 21:09:33 +1000


If you’re a cafe owner, we know how much you have to look after. As cafe owners of 16 of our own stores, we are very familiar with the non-coffee related hassles of running a small business. The last thing you want to worry about is whether your coffee is enjoyed by patrons, good quality, fresh and sourced from a stable roaster. That’s where we can help. Here’s 5 of the top reasons that you should choose Merlo for your cafe…


  1. We have no contracts, that’s right – no contracts whatsoever. We have no fear that our product and machinery will be the best you’ve ever used, and we put our money and reputation behind this without reservation. We give you 100% guarantee.
  2. We have more reps on the road around Australia than virtually any other coffee company and offer a 24 hour 7 days a week service. If your machine happens to let you down on that bustling Saturday morning, Merlo will not let you down with a rep on call 24/7.
  3. We provide 27 years worth of experience. We roast over 20 tonnes a week of nothing but excellent coffee week in and week out. We cup all the coffee that enters our Torrefazione and we only blend up in quality never down.
  4. We choose to slow roast our profile and we roast every day so the coffee is fresh and sent out daily. Only Merlo Coffee carries a date stamp of the date roasted so that you can rotate your coffee beans to serve the best fresh espresso! We also have a bean of the month program to highlight one country’s finest plantation harvest each month. Your coffee fanatic customers will love the exotic offering each month.
  5. We are nimble and flexible enough to understand and personalise your blend and packaging unique to you. We can accommodate a special blend with a blank or personalised labelled bag to create YOUR blend.

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