Merlo Coffee and BioPak

Brodie Wallace @ 2023-02-22 12:02:23 +1000

We are proud that our partnership with BioPak has continued to make a big difference in 2021. BioPak are the global leaders in the production of environmentally sustainable packaging and are on a movement to keep more than 3 million Merlo Coffee takeaway cups out of landfill.

Merlo Coffee and BioPak

We have introduced compostable BioCups from BioPak and lids which allow customers to make a big difference through their choices. BioCups are the first and only products of their kind to be certified carbon neutral, B Corp, and commercially compostable to AS4736 standards in Australia and New Zealand.

From June 2020 to July 2021, we have made the positive contributions by switching our takeaway coffee cups and lids, food packaging and cutlery from plastic to BioPak certified compostable alternatives.

 In the last 12 months Merlo Coffee has:

  • Helped reduce the use of 43,732kg of conventional single-use plastics
  • Offset 1,272,746kg of carbon
  • Planted 116 trees by supporting Rainforest Rescue & Green fleet with tree planting and environmental restoration initiatives: and
  • Composted 33 tonnes of organic waste

 Merlo Coffee Compost Bin

How can you make a difference? When you grab a takeaway coffee, remember to drop your Merlo BioCup in our specially marked blue compost bins outside any Merlo owned stores. These cups and lids will be combined with Merlo’s coffee grounds, food scraps and packaging and within eight days will be transformed into organic compost.

For more information on BioPak and how they are making a positive impact click here.