Changes to Takeaway Cups

Joel Hay @ 2023-02-22 12:02:11 +1000

At Merlo Coffee, we have made a very deliberate effort to become more sustainable in all our business practices. 

This has included everything from discounts on reusable cups and recycling of tins and bags in our retail stores, to recently installed solar panels at our new Eagle Farm warehouse and our Bowen Hills outlet.

The most significant move we’ve made in the last 12 months was introducing BioPak fully compostable takeaway cups, lids and food packaging in our retail network. This has been a huge success, with close to 58 tonnes of organics produced last year as a result of our composting efforts.

With this in mind, we feel that the next logical step in our war on waste is to introduce sustainable takeaway cups and lids to our wholesale network, with the goal of saving a further 7 million takeaway cups and lids from landfill. 

After much consideration, we have decided that moving forward – we will only be offering fully compostable Merlo branded cups in the same SINGLE WALL, PLA materials

What does this mean for Merlo Wholesale customers?

  • You'll be joining us on our crusade to save over 10 million cups from the Merlo network going to landfill each year
  • The cups use 50% less paper (less trees), the boxes are 30% smaller (easier freight) and carbon emissions from transportation of these materials are 30% less
  • BioPak will commit 1% of revenue from sales of these cups towards buying and planting trees in the Daintree (already they’ve planted 20,000 trees).
  • You can join a full composting service and have your cups fully composted for as little as $8.50 per collection*

From early-mid April, there will be no more double wall Merlo branded stock available – the only choice for anything with Merlo branding will be the single wall, compostable PLA cups. Both PE and PLA lids will be available.

Please see below a table regarding the costs of the new cups:

Takeaway Cup Prices

If all our Merlo wholesale customers made the switch to single wall, PLA cups – then we’d cut our paper usage by 38% and save approximately...

BioPak Infographic