Simon Says - It’s All About the Beans!

Joel Hay @ 2023-02-22 12:02:36 +1000

Welcome to our latest Merlo Blog series, 'Simon Says'! Each week we will be releasing exclusive footage of our very own Q Grader and Head of Roasting, Simon Brooks, dishing out special industry insights to keep you caffeinated and educated.

When it comes to producing high quality roasted coffee, Simon says one of the most important aspects of production takes place before roasting even begins - green bean selection and sorting play a critical role in the final product. To achieve a consistent roast every time, green beans should ideally be of similar colour and size.

Once roasted, we use an incredibly special piece of equipment called an ASM Colour Sorting Machine to further guarantee consistency of colour and roast profile. This screening process ensures that the freshly roasted beans our customers receive, aren't missing any of the flavour notes or aroma’s that Merlo coffee is famous for.

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