Simon Says - Episode 7

Joel Hay @ 2023-02-22 12:02:39 +1000

Welcome to Episode 7 of Simon Says! We’re talking about the colour of roasted beans today, and how this affects what brewing method you should be using!

When you buy your coffee beans, do you pay attention to the colour of the bean? Simon says that to get the most out of your Merlo experience, you definitely should! The colour of the bean indicates the level of roasting the bean has gone through (light, medium, dark) and different roasts will be more suited to specific brewing methods.

For instance – when using an espresso machine, it’s best to go with a medium or dark roast to maintain that beautiful, strong flavor that espresso coffee is known for. This is particularly important if you enjoy milk-based coffee, as the stronger flavor of the dark roast will cut through the milk! For a dark roasted bean, Simon says he generally recommends our Espresso Blend – his personal favourite!

If you brew using a filter coffee such as the V60 or Chemex, Simon says that you should be looking for a lighter roast which is generally referred to as a filter roast. The typical flavours you can expect with these types of coffee are lighter – expect something fruity and floral.