May Bean of the Month: Tanzania Mondul PB

Annie Deeth @ 2023-02-22 12:02:20 +1000

Our May Bean of the Month is Tanzania Mondul PB!

With a cupping score of 84, you don't want to miss out on trying these incredible beans! Tanzania Mondul PB offers amazing flavours of chocolate, honeycomb and buttermilk with aromas of floral jasmine and malt. The bright lime citrus acidity and solid, full body are rounded out by a rich and tangy aftertaste.

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Mondul farm was established in 1931, and in 2007 was acquired by a group of investors focused on sustainable farming infrastructure and specialty coffee production.

Mondul coffee farms are located on the slopes of Mount Monduli, an area with perfect microclimate conditions for growing coffee. The farm employs up to 250 pickers from neighboring villages and provides them with accommodation and meals during picking season. 

Cherries are picked, sorted and weighed at the farm before being transported by tractor to a central wet mill station for pulping. Pulped cherries are fermented in water for 12 hours, then later washed and transferred to drying tables for drying and hand sorting. Parchment drying takes 10-14 days depending on cloud cover. 

These Peaberry beans deliver a full and intense cup. With slightly lower acidity than AA or AB graded green bean, the solid body is accentuated.