March Bean of the Month: Burundi Nkanda Procasta

Michael Gosman @ 2023-02-22 12:02:43 +1000

Our March Bean of the Month is Burundi Nkanda Procasta!

With a cupping score of 86.5, this is a truly exceptional coffee bean that showcases some classic characteristics of this small African country. 

Burundi Nkanda Procasta offers flavours of grapefruit, passionfruit and tamarind with aromatics of dark chocolate and liquorice.

The vibrant citrus and pomegranate acidity and juicy, smooth body are rounded out by a velvety, sweet red berry aftertaste.

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Procasta washing station was launched by a Burundian couple Pierre Nzeyimana and Léoncie Minani in 2012.

Their main goal is to improve the lives of Burundian people with respect for the coffee culture in the region.

Procasta has positively impacted families in the region by giving jobs to men and women which in turn allows them to pay medical expenses, schooling and books for children. Procasta also has a plan to build bridges - both to help farmers to transport coffee to the washing station but also in their everyday activities.