Why fresh espresso?

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Just like picking up your fruit and vegetables from the farmers market, the coffee you buy should be as fresh as it gets.

As coffee ages, it begins to break down – just like any fresh produce. One of the most obvious signs of this is the oil which starts to cover the beans.

This oil is what makes up the golden crema on top of your cup, so the more you lose from your beans, the thinner your crema will be.

Merlo Coffee roasts for a little longer, with a little less heat, to produce a body and warmth that most other coffee suppliers take weeks to achieve. This freshness means they are dry on the outside and full of oil on the inside, and produce a rich crema and full bodied taste.

Merlo Coffee beans can be enjoyed sooner, with all the flavours and aromas intact.

Storing your beans carefully is important because air, heat, light and moisture are natural enemies of our favourite little brown bean, causing it to deteriorate. Keep your coffee in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place. Buy just enough coffee to last you until your next visit – smaller amounts means that you’ll have the same full bodied taste from your fresh beans.

After roasting, we pack the coffee in air locked bags and tins and either distribute it immediately or store in a purpose-built dehumidified cold room to shield it from its enemies. That’s right; we even built a special room to ensure our coffee is at its premium freshness!

At Merlo Coffee we know fresh is best and roasting locally is key so that we can ensure your coffee is at its peak when you enjoy it at home.