Vanessa's Training Tips - November

Joel Hay @ 2023-02-22 12:02:39 +1000
You make and serve coffee every day… Do you taste it?

Keep on enjoying your usual oat milk latte, but it’s important to TASTE your espresso shots too. If you never taste your espresso… Whoa! It will likely taste rather strong/ intense when you do!

That’s why palate training is important. A teaspoon of espresso, even once a shift will start to train your taste buds in knowing what to look for in the perfect espresso. You’re wanting to find that harmonious balance of acidity, bitterness and sweetness from the coffee. 

Too bitter? Coffee sitting at the back of your tongue with an oily mouthfeel? It’s likely your coffee is over-extracted. Adjust your grind slightly coarser until the bitterness fades away.

Too sour? Coffee sitting at the front/ tip of your tongue with a washy/ watery mouthfeel? It’s likely your coffee is under-extracted. Adjust your grind slightly finer until the espresso is balanced.

Not bitter, not sour? Coffee rolls around in the centre of your tongue, it’s bold but smooth and then starts to disappear leaving no bad aftertaste?

Well done! Your coffee is balanced, the grind is correct, dose is consistent and you’re serving smooth, balanced, TASTY coffee. Happy days!