The Perfect Temperature to Drink Your Cup of Coffee

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-08-29 15:41:19 +1000

Every element in your Merlo cup, from the beans, the dose, to that perfect extraction by our team has all been tweaked and tried countless times that morning to nail down that specific flavour profile and that perfect serving temperature at 60 degrees.

For us, heating the milk to a specific temperature is such a crucial ingredient to your coffee experience.

We want our customers to enjoy their coffee at it’s best – and the entire process of getting the temperature ‘just right’ is an essential element in creating that smooth, beautiful cup of Merlo coffee.

So, let’s have a little conversation about asking for “extra hot” coffee…

Milk, like anything, burns. So, when you ask for a drink to be made “extra hot,” you are asking your Barista to steam the milk past it’s recommended temperature and most likely, “burn” your coffee.

Milk has one of the main ingredients in the protein menu and it is called Casein. These proteins and sugars are the key in our milk result being creamy and shiny, and of course delicious.

If milk is heated too much, the proteins in the milk go through a change that is not fixed by simply cooling it down. A higher serving temperature is necessary, but go too high and it will dampen your ability to truly taste your delicious brew.



Overheating milk…

When milk is heating in that whirlpool in the jug, those proteins are expanding and the milk reaches a 55-degree sweet spot and then it gets turned off, letting it do its own magic as it rises itself to 60 degrees – PERFECT. These sugars have broken down to their sweetest form.

Steaming the milk above this degree scalds the milk, there is no sweetness because the sugars have completely broken down, and the protein becomes completely denatured.

The Casein has now officially ‘left the building’ and the lactose and sugars also overheat; which means that the milk isn’t going to be sweet and creamy, it’s going to turn sour, which reacts with the espresso.

This results in coffee “tasting funny”, “not tasting good”, or our favourite line, drum roll please…

“It tastes burnt”

Studies have shown that higher serving temperatures – for beverages – can stifle taste, and mask the delicate nuances of a drink.

At Merlo, our Barista’s try to be on top of everything and want to ensure your coffee temperature is at its peak of 60 degrees when you enjoy it. The ultimate goal of everything we do here at Merlo is to bring you a premium coffee experience!

So to all those who drink their milk-based coffee ‘extra hot’: consider trying it at 60 degrees. The milk will have a texture and a sweetness that will surprise, if not amaze you! Visit us in store so we can provide you with the best cup of coffee!