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Simon Brooks has been with Merlo for over 16 years. He is our Head of Roasting and Distribution as well as a fully qualified Q Grader. In fact, Simon recently scored 100%...

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Limited Edition – Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee

India may not be the first country that springs to mind when it comes to whisky or coffee, but these richly traditioned drinks combine to create something truly unique to...

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Let’s Talk about Decaf

WHAT IS DECAF?  For many of us, coffee is a morning necessity, the buzz in the cup that we need to wake up and get going. But there are times in our...

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July Bean of the Month

We fell in love with Diofanor’s coffee when we were lucky enough to visit his farm and taste the coffee onsite. This black honey edition is rich and sweet, with...

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DIY Great Coffee at Home or Work

See how you can enjoy quality coffee in the luxury of your own home below, it’s much easier than you think!

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