Profile: Lake Tawar Hands of Hope

Origin: Sumatra       Estate: Lake Tawar

Region: Indonesia    Process: Semi–washed

Varietal: Catimore & Bourbon


About the coffee:

Lake Tawar beans are processed in a way unique to Indonesia, resulting in signature characteristics of full body, dense aromatics and low acidity.

Each bag of green beans arrives decorated with the handprints of kids who have benefited from this coffee through the Hands of Hope charity program. This program supports the care of Indonesian children in foster care, many of whom are orphans.

A percentage of the proceeds from coffee sales are donated to two local foster homes – one located in a mountain village of Takengon Aceh, Kasih Sayang and another, Yayasan Sungai Air Hidup, located in the inner city of Medan, North Sumatra’s coffee export hub.

Cupping notes: Heavy aromatics, sweet biscuit, mild grapefruit