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Profile: India Papakuchi

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-08-27 14:34:06 +1000

Origin: India        Estate: Papakuchi

Varietal: SLN6      Region: Kandanakolli

Process: Washed


About the coffee:

Nestled amidst meandering valleys, streams and wildlife, Papakuchi is grown in the fertile soils of Kodagu (Coorg), India. The region boasts diverse vegetation and a balanced climate which ecologically contributes to the unique flavour of Papakuchi coffee.

A third generation estate, Papakuchi takes its name from the natural beauty of the land and of its rich history honouring the royals of Coorg, the Lingarajas. The Lingarajas were from the neighbouring Haleri village and they chose the area as a resort for its scenic beauty and named it ‘Papakuchi’- a term which has been carried on by the locals through the years (despite the name since being changed to Kandanakolli).

The farm is proud to have a long standing and dedicated workforce who form the backbone of the smooth functioning of processes. Their skill in handling and processing the beans ensures the beans are of the highest quality. These dedicated workers are also provided free education, medical expenses and amenities like electricity and water free of cost from the estate.

Papakuchi Estate is also environmentally conscious, utilising rain water harvesting and harnessing solar energy. Sustainability is core to everything they do, with traditional methods refined over generations, then seamlessly blended with modern technology to enhance quality and produce the coffee you are tasting today.

Cupping notes: chocolate, creme brulee, red apple

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