Profile: Burundi Mukerwa

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-08-26 16:21:38 +1000

Origin: burundi

Region: kirundo province

Altitude: 1,400m – 1,700m

Process: fully washed

Interestingly, the Bourbon sourced from Burundi for this November Bean of the Month travelled the world before it circled back to its original continent, its characteristics evolving along the way. From its birthplace in Ethiopia, this varietal travelled via Mocha, Java and Amsterdam to the Palace of Versailles, then journeying on to Reunion before finally arriving in Burundi. 


Tasting Notes: Bright fruit notes, with rich sweetness and a dark chocolate aftertaste


About the Region:

Burundi is a small mountainous country between East Africa and Central Africa with most of its coffee grown at elevations from 1250 – 2000 meters above sea level.

Coffee growing began in the region in the 1930s when the Belgians imported Arabica coffee plants. Today more than 800,000 Burundi families are involved in the industry.

A fine Burundi coffee exhibits a clean, delicate flavour with a well- balanced body and acidity thanks to its ideal growing conditions and climate.