Profile: Australian Mountain Top

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-08-26 17:38:12 +1000

Origin: Australia
Estate: Mountain Top Estate
Varietal: K7
Region: Northern NSW
Process: Washed

In keeping with tradition, January at Merlo is all about Australia, with an Aussie bean of the month from Mountain Top Estate in the Scenic Rim region of Northern New South Wales.

Wet, cloudy summers provide optimum conditions for bean growth while mild, clear winters slow the ripening of the cherries until late harvest in spring.

The 11–12 month maturation process combined with the volcanic soil of the region is key to creating rich, warm flavours in the cup.

An interesting fact about Australian coffee (particularly coffee grown in this region) is that it is unique in the lack of pesticides that are used on the beans. Many coffee-growing nations, particularly those susceptible to the Khapra beetle, are unable to grow coffee without the use of pesticides.

Cupping notes: Dark chocolate, warm honey & a rich earthiness