Perfectly steamed milk

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Part of learning to make great coffee at home is being able to steam your milk perfectly for latte’s and cappuccino’s. Below is a simple guide to follow so you can perfectly steam your milk every time.

Video guide:

Fill approximately 1/3 of a jug of fresh cold milk (never reheat warm milk).

Submerge the end of the steam wand under the surface, then turn steam on full. Slowly angle the jug lower until you hear a quiet sucking noise. This is air being sucked through milk to create foam. If you do not hear this noise then you are simply heating milk and not adding texture.

Hold the jug in the same place while steaming, you do not need to move the jug up and down.

Use the palm of your hand to gauge the correct temperature; the jug should hot enough that you cannot leave your hand there very long.

When you have finished steaming the milk, swirl it gently to remove any air bubbles.

Pour your milk into the centre of the coffee shot. Lift the base of the jug up higher as it reaches the top of the cup.

Your coffee is ready to serve.