Merlo’s 4 Best Iced Coffee recipes

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-08-27 15:53:42 +1000

It’s hard to beat a classic iced latte, but we’ve got a few different ideas to try at home that suit different brew methods and coffees.


For all of these recipes we’ve used an 8oz glass filled 2/3 with ice and we’ve followed the stovetop, AeroPress, V60 and espresso machine brew guides. Feel free to adjust the coffee/base ratio to taste.

PS. We know that orange juice and coffee sounds strange, but it’s good, we promise!



Iced Latte

The chocolatey warmth of Organico blends perfectly with ice for a classic iced latte.

Method: Stovetop
Coffee: Organico

Ingredients: ice, cold milk

Simply add ice, 60ml stovetop coffee and 80ml milk.

For a creamier variation, replace the ice with coffee gelato.


Sunshine Coffee

November’s Bean of the Month, La Montanita, has soft apricot and chocolate flavours and the Aeropress brew method enhances the sweetness and body, while minimising bitterness.

Method: Aeropress
Coffee: El Salvador La Montanita

Ingredients: ice, orange juice


Add 60ml of Aeropress coffee and 80ml of orange juice to a small jug of ice, mix and serve.



Sparkling V60

The Hario V60 creates a clean crisp coffee which pairs perfectly with sparkling water.

Method: Hario V60
Coffee: El Salvador La Montanita

Ingredients: ice, sparkling water
Optional: fresh or frozen berries


Chill 60ml of V60 La Montanita over ice and then fill with sparkling water.

For extra sweetness, muddle some fresh or frozen berries with the coffee before adding ice and sparkling water.



Black & Stormy

Available in all Merlo stores now, the Black and Stormy matches the power of an espresso shot with ginger beer.

Method: Espresso
Coffee: Espresso
Ingredients: ice, ginger beer
Optional: mint, lemon


Add ice, ginger beer and 30ml espresso. Stir and serve.

At home, try muddling a lemon wedge and fresh mint with the coffee before adding ice and ginger beer.