DIY Great Coffee at Home or Work

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-09-03 14:09:53 +1000

Want to make great coffee at home? Whatever coffee equipment you use at home or are thinking of using, we can supply the very best, freshly roasted beans and grind them specifically for your brewing device. What’s more – we’ll ship them pretty much anywhere! See how you can enjoy quality coffee in the luxury of your own home below, it’s much easier than you think!




Bodum Chambord Plunger/French Press

Coffee Characteristics: smooth, rich, optimum, full flavour
Benefits: portable, easy and quick to use, elegant design
Best Suited Coffee: Private Blend
You will need: Bodum plunger, 6.2 ground coffee


Classic Chemex Filter

Coffee characteristics: clean, full of sweetness and flavour

How to: Chemex Brew Guide

Benefits: portable, simple to use, modern, renowned design

Best Suited Coffee: Single Origin – BOM

You will need: Chemexfilter paper, 5.7 ground coffee




Aeropress Filter

Coffee characteristics: rich, smooth and grit-free coffee every time

How to: Aeropress Brew Guide

Benefits: compact, great for camping or on the go, produces minimal mess, quick 2 minute process

Best Suited Coffee: Zuri Blend

You will need: Aeropressmicro-filters, 5.7 ground coffee




Bialetti Moka Express – Stovetop 

Coffee characteristics: rich, authentic

How to: Stovetop Brew Guide

Benefits: enhanced aroma, unique safety valve to prevent accidents, iconic Italian design

Best Suited Coffee: Espresso Blend

You will need: Bialetti Moka Express, 5.1 ground coffee