Brew guide: AeroPress

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A total immersion brewing technique which produces rich flavour with low acidity, the AeroPress uses paper micro filters which results in grit free coffee with minimal bitterness.

The sturdy plastic construction also makes the AeroPress perfect for travel!

Video guide:


  • AeroPress
  • Paper disc filters
  • 14g fresh ground coffee
  • Kettle
  • Paddle / spoon

Step 1
Place the paper filter into the black cap and attach cap to the AeroPress.

Step 2
Rinse the filter and heat your glass by pouring hot water through the filter into the glass.

Step 3
Remove cap and connect the two cylinders of the AeroPress.

Step 4
Place coffee grounds into the AeroPress using the funnel. This helps the coffee settle evenly and stops it sticking to the sides.

Step 5
Using a circular motion, pour the water gently to completely saturate the grounds, then continue pouring to fill the chamber.

Step 6
Carefully stir using the paddle to ensure there are no pockets of dry coffee grounds.

Step 7
Attach the black cap with the rinsed filter inside.

Step 8
Place your cup on top.

Step 9
Carefully flip the AeroPress over. Plunge firmly and steadily for 30 seconds. Enjoy!

Remember, when making coffee at home:

  • Fresh is best when it comes to coffee – we recommend buying your coffee in smaller quantities, more frequently.
  • We custom-grind for all brewing methods – just tell our staff how you make your coffee at home, or select your brewing method when you order online.
  • Use filtered water where possible.
  • Water should always be hot but not boiling, as boiling water will burn the coffee grounds. Aim for 92°c.