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The results are in: The best gift to receive from your Valentine

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-08-29 14:40:18 +1000

Here’s what we found out this Valentine’s Day…



Forget diamonds and dinner, intimacy and coffee have topped Australian Valentine’s Day wish-lists, according to the results of a new nation-wide survey.

A quarter of those surveyed chose intimacy as the best gift they could get on February 14, with a cup of their favourite brew, a close second.

The national survey of people aged 18 to 75 also found more people would rather receive a hand-written card than a bunch of roses.

A box of chocolates was the least desirable token of love.

Breakfast in bed was the third most popular gift for sweethearts.

Dean Merlo, our Founder, said he was not surprised with the results as “a good coffee is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Having a cup of coffee and spending quality time with your partner is not only a heart starter but romantic too.”

He also said a coffee date was a daring way for singles to kick off a romance.

“If you give someone a card or a rose it’s certainly a lovely gesture, but if you invite someone for a coffee who knows, it could be the beginning of many more Valentines’ together,” Dean said.

“We see a spike in visitor numbers on Valentine’s Day with lots of coffee dates but also gift cards and treats like chocolate brownies. These are the most popular last minute gifts for loved ones!”


National Survey Results

What would you like for Valentine’s Day?

Value Percent
Bunch of roses 6.0%
Box of chocolates 5.0%
Coffee 18.1%
Dinner reservations 11.5%
Hand-written card 8.9%
Diamonds 5.4%
Gift 6.2%
Breakfast in bed 14.9%
Sex 24.2%

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