How coffee can ensure your best Valentine’s Day yet!

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-09-03 09:56:01 +1000

Don’t get stuck for ideas this Valentine’s Day and don’t overthink it! Whether you have a special someone or want a special someone, we’ve got 5 handy tips for things to do this year for your Valentine on Valentine’s Day…



Number 1.

Take your Valentine out for coffee


Seems simple because it is simple. Nothing says love like a good quality coffee over some good quality time. Plus, Valentines Day falls on a Thursday this year. Make use of that late-night Thursday shopping and spoil your Valentine with their favourite brew. Find your nearest Merlo location here. We’ll even be giving away love heart chocolates with every coffee purchase on Valentine’s Day (while stocks last), we are the ultimate Valentine’s Day wingman after all!


It won’t cost you much in $ but the brownie points, extra energy and boosted mood thanks to the caffeine, is sure to be priceless!



Number 2.

Buy beans for your Valentine (shop now)


What’s better than buying your Valentine a coffee? Buying a whole bag of coffees of course! And by that, we mean a bag of the highest quality beans, roasted fresh to perfection and ground to your preference. This means you can have café quality coffee at home and spoiler alert, this should assist perfectly with number 4 (you’re welcome).


If you’ve left things to the last minute – and don’t worry, we’ve all BEAN there – you can shop our beans in store or alternatively, a belated bag of Valentine’s beans works great too. Shop online here.



Number 3.

Leave them a love heart brownie


The team at I Heart Brownies have done the hard work for you (and us) on this one. Their brownies are love heart-shaped and will even come in a custom, love heart box ahead of Valentine’s Day.


If you’ve ever tasted an I Heart Brownie, then you know exactly why this is a must on Valentine’s Day, or any day for that matter. They are so good that if you weren’t already in the good books, you are sure to be once your Valentine sinks their teeth into one of these bad boys. Added bonus, they’re also gluten free!


Special edition, boxed brownies will be available in all Merlo stores from Wednesday 13th.



Number 4.

Make them a coffee in bed


You know what goes well with breakfast in bed…. a coffee!


Start their Valentine’s Day day right (and yours) with a cup of the good stuff first thing in the morning. A small gesture with big potential consequences, of the good variety.


Shop appliances for home and beans in-store or online here.



Number 5.

Make them an espresso martini


Need we say more?! A drink to take the edge off or a drink to perk up the evening, an espresso martini is the perfect end to any Valentine’s Day.


Whether your relationship is just blossoming or well-established, this drink is great for calorie counters, coffee connoisseurs and everyone in between. Why pay an extreme mark-up on an espresso martini when you can DIY at home? It will taste better, cost less and is sure to add the romantic factor that you might not even knew you needed. We’ve got the perfect recipe here.


So there you go, our 5 handy tips for things to do for your Valentine on Valentine’s Day. Why not share your #MerloMoment from your Valentine’s Day on social media? Don’t forget to tag us, we can’t wait to be the virtual third wheel! From the team at Merlo, happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo