Paying it Forward Benefits New Farm Neighbourhood

Pippa McCreery @ 2023-02-22 12:02:44 +1000

There is a ripple effect when paying it forward. The recipient benefits from the act of human kindness, and the donor moves on with the knowledge they have made a difference in someone’s day. 

The Community Coffee Program at the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre is all about helping others. For those who are most vulnerable the coffee is free, and for those who can afford to purchase their own coffee, there is the opportunity to buy coffee for those less fortunate. 

We donate our best-selling Espresso blend to the program, and all café profits go back into the running of the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre.

New Farm Neighbourhood Centre - everyone is welcome

Situated across the road from New Farm Park, the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre connects and supports the local community in New Farm.

It offers free help for those with challenges brought about by daily life and provides activities and events throughout the year.  There is free help with health, housing and legal issues and other services for those experiencing issues with relationships, income and employment.

The Centre also offers a kitchen, laundry, shower and computers for those who are going through hard times or even just a friendly ear to those who want to drop in for a chat.

It is a shared, safe and inclusive space and all are welcome, no matter their story.

The Centre is open from 9am-1pm four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday).

You can learn more about the New Farm Neighbourhood Centre HERE