Espresso Engine

Anna Kerwick @ 2019-08-26 17:12:27 +1000

Espresso Engine is a busy inner city café located in the heart of Brisbane’s thriving legal district.

The owner, John, and his team maintain an exceptional level of product and vibrant service each and every day to ensure their clientele are well caffeinated and always happy.

Espresso Engine is exactly what a coffee shop in the CBD needs to be – efficient, friendly and dedicated to making great coffee.

So why did John choose Merlo Coffee?

“Merlo is a premium and sought-after brand, particularly with my customers. Using any other coffee is simply not an option for my business,” John said.

“Once I stopped using the famous blue Merlo ripple takeaway cups and customers told me loud and clear what they thought about that.”

“I think it’s the consistency of product that is key to Merlo Coffee’s success. The taste profile is widely accepted by people of all ages and has always remained the same. This, combined with the level of customer service that they offer wholesale customers, is what has built the Merlo business up to where it is today.”