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The Cusco region is known as the heart of the Inca Empire, and the ancient citadel of Machu Picchu.

To the west of those mountaintop ruins is the Inkawasi District, and La Convencion Valley, the home of this coffee.

Single Origin Coffee, Peru - Merlo Coffee

La Convencion is remote and difficult to access, tucked away amongst rainforest shrouded Inca structures and steaming hot springs. The farmers of the valley grow both cacao and coffee, and process their harvests collectively at the San Fernando Co-operative mill.

The rich soil is so fertile that all 450 farms are organic certified, and of those 450, 98 farms are led by women. La Convencion Valley was settled by Spaniards seeking El Dorado, the mythical City of Gold, but it is the land itself which is the treasure.

Single Origin Coffee, Peru La Convencion


Peru La Convencion opens with spicy aromatics of cedar and clove, but in the cup it’s pure sweetness: hazelnut and chocolate. The acidity is mild and sweet, and the decadent dessert flavours are carried in a round body; full but smooth.

This chocolate bomb finishes beautifully, with the chocolate easing to reveal the more delicate flavours of the hazelnut. It’s sweet, smooth, delicious and endlessly drinkable.

Single Origin Coffee, Peru - Merlo Coffee

We get a lot of coffees across our cupping table with notes of nuts and chocolate, but we’ve selected this one for its exquisite balance and depth.


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