Bean of the Month: Brazil Kaparao | June 2021

Annie Deeth @ 2023-02-22 12:02:46 +1000

With a cupping score of 84.5, June's Bean of the Month, Brazil Kaparao, is one you're going to want to try!

Brazil Kaparao has a unique flavour mix of spicy clove, peppercorn and peanuts, with aromatics of cedar, honey and clove.

It's a natural bean grown in the mountain range of Serra do Caparao at an altitude of 1000-1300 masl.

The body is smooth and full, followed by a silky, sweet, chocolate aftertaste. 

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Serra do Caparao is a mountainous region, situated in the South-West of Brazil on the border of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo. The region has a unique climate and topography, and is surrounded by Parque Nacional Caparao national park, an area of native rainforest known as Mata Atlantica.

The area's micro-climate records the lowest temperatures of both states, producing high quality coffee due to slow cherry maturation. This also means a later harvest in November/December known as “Flowers of March”.

This micro-climate also lends to a simplicity of lifestyle for the farmers and their families where coffee is their only source of income. This means their sole focus is on quality improvement and diversity in their coffee processes.

Producers explore different drying processes including Natural, Pulped Natural and Honey, through to Controlled Fermentation. This leads to different flavour profiles from season to season, ultimately resulting in a new and exciting experiences each year.

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