Guatemala Nacimientos | October 2022

Pippa McCreery @ 2023-02-22 12:02:42 +1000

Coffee Beans with a History

Postcard-worthy panoramas of sparkling cerulean blue waters can be seen from many a vantage point along the Santa Rosa valley deep in the southern region of the Leon province of Guatemala.

Santa Rosa Guatemala

Blessed with dark umber-hued volcanic soils and acres of verdant green coffee plants, the vistas from Finca Los Nacimientos farm offer a daily reminder of the abundance of life that has grown on these hillsides since the mid-17th century.

Santa Rosa Coffee

In those days, Jesuits who were interested in spreading religion throughout Central America, brought coffee plants to Guatemala and used them as ornamentation to adorn the walls of their Antiguan monasteries.

Cultivation of the plants quickly spread beyond the-then capital city out towards the highlands, where locals like Maynor Salazar’s ancestors learned that their volcanic soils, warm days and cool nights provided idyllic conditions in which coffee plants could thrive.

No coincidence then, that Maynor’s estate – Finca Los Nacimientos – literally means “birth.” Here, creeks that run through the property give life to the lush coffee plants that grow near the banks of the volcanic crater lake of Laguna Ayazara.

Finca Los Nacimientos

The high altitudes and rich soils, regular rain and mild balmy days are perfect conditions for specialty coffee – making the Santa Rosa valleys of Guatemala a coffee-growing nirvana. Coffee traditions have been established over generations and the reputation for exquisite flavours and quality coffee beans have been well earned.

The Guatemalan economy was shattered when the coffee tree disease known as La Roya - the rust - swept through the region, decimating over half of the crop. Maynor Salazar and his family held on, building the farm back to full operating capacity over many difficult years. This year’s harvest is a testament to their dedication and resilience.

Silky Smooth Single Origin Coffee

And this dedication to producing exceptional single origin coffee comes through in every sip of this special blend. Ripe berries and bush honey create a taste that is both well-rounded and silky smooth.

The clean burst of red currant flavours tempers this cup’s sweetness. The acidity feels clean and crisp, with a subtle green apple freshness that complements without overwhelming. Candied fruit lingers in the finish as a soft close to a delightful brew.

Nacimientos’ clean flavour profile score of 85

Washing coffee cherries results in a clean flavour profile in the coffee and represents an ideal processing method for those who prefer a brew that is both mild and bright.

This processing method cuts and washes off the cherry from the coffee bean and also removes as much mucilage as possible. It is well-known for producing coffees that boast a light body and a bright clean cup.

The first step in the washed process is to take the raw coffee cherries, weigh them, then remove the cherry using a large mechanical depulping machine.

Inside the machine, a blade cuts the cherry open, extracts the pair of beans contained inside, and then discards the empty cherries for other uses. The coffee beans, now left with a layer of mucilage, are set aside for mucilage removal by other means.

We are so pleased to spotlight the character, expertise and sheer hard work of the Salazar family as our October Bean of the Month.