Bean of the Month: Ethiopia Goro Udo | February 2022

Annie Deeth @ 2023-02-22 12:02:17 +1000

Introducing our February Bean of the Month - Ethiopia Goro Udo!

Our February Bean of the Month is produced by Welichu Wachu, a washing station in the Guji region of Ethiopia which draws on wet and natural processed coffee from a number of surrounding coffee growing zones.

All of the coffees from the 36 grower co-operatives cultivate in what's known locally as 'coffee gardens'. They grow roughly 1000 - 1800 trees per hectare which are fertilised with organic material and intercropped with various food crops. After undergoing laborious hand-sorting to remove green or under-ripe cherries, the coffee is spread onto drying tables where they are raked and ridged hourly for 10-12 days.

This bean delivers outstanding flavours of candied apple, papaya and orange with aromas of peach and dark chocolate. With an incredible cupping score of 87, you won't want to miss it!


Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Guji

Producer: Welichu Wachu

Varietal: 90% Bourbon, 10% Typica

Process: Natural

Altitude: 2050 masl



Score: 87

Aroma: Peach, dark chocolate

Flavour: Candied apple, papaya, orange

Acidity: Full, vibrant

Body: Bold, balanced

Aftertaste: Walnut, honey


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