Bean of the Month: Zambia Mafinga Hills | December 2021

Brodie Wallace @ 2023-02-22 12:02:10 +1000

Introducing our December Bean of the Month - Zambia Mafinga Hills!

Our December Bean of the Month is a Zambian A grade Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee from the Kateshi & Isanya Estates located in the Mafinga Hills region of Zambia's Northern Province. 

Kateshi Estate is located near the town of Kasamaand at an altitude of 1,400 masl and has over 700 hectares of land currently cultivated with coffee. The Isanya Estate is a little higher at 1,550 masl. 

Coffee from both estates is washed and fermented in tanks before being dried for 4 days in cascade driers. From there, the coffee is then milled and blended at Kateshi. 

Aside from producing incredible coffee, the estates also actively strive to leave a positive social footprint. They support a local 800-student school and medical clinic and were also the first employers of female tractor drivers in Zambia.

With unique flavours of watermelon, candy and tropical fruit accompanied by chocolate and caramel aromas, it's perfect for the festive season!

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