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Guatemala El Boqueron

mixed berries, chocolate, honey



El Boqueron is Spanish for The Bigmouth. We like to think it reflects how full-flavoured this Guatemalan coffee is - with berry and chocolate flavours, honey sweetness and sparkling acidity.

Guatemalan coffee is respected as one of the most flavourful and nuanced cups in the world. Its uniqueness is due to its high altitudes, diverse microclimates, consistent rainfall patterns, and excellent cultivation and processing. The nation now produces a wide range of specialty coffees, each distinct to its region.

Coffee was originally brought to Guatemala in the 1700s. At first the trees were planted purely as an ornamental; prized for their sweet-smelling blossoms and pretty red cherries. It wasn’t until the 1800s that the coffee industry began in earnest, and by 1880 coffee made up 90% of Guatemala’s export market.

El Boqueron is from the Santa Rosa department and grown by a co-operative of small lot producers, like much of the coffee in the country.  It represents traditional Guatemalan flavours well. Chocolate aromas give way to mixed berry flavours, mild acidity and medium body, all finishing in honey sweetness.

Try it as an espresso roast in your machine at home and you’ll find the sweetness deepens into a  warm toffee richness, whereas as a filter roast in a plunger or pourover the berry flavours become vibrant and bright.

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Mixed berries









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