The 2017 Art Series released

Merlo are thrilled to announce the release of the third Merlo Art Series set, featuring the work of Cary Davies titled “After Pollock”.

The vibrant piece of art is the latest work to be featured on a set of collectible, high quality porcelain cups and saucers, as part of Merlo’s partnership with Art From The Margin (AFTM).

So, what was the inspiration behind the piece?

“I was asked to be at a St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital show by Art from the Margins – I felt thrilled and started to paint again,” Cary said.

“This work represents the new me. I am splashing on top of paintings – having fun.”

Cary’s love of art started many years ago and she enjoys painting landscapes, animals and exploring abstract forms.

“I have been in and out of depression and I feel that painting often helps me.”

Cary also shares her passion for art with others, showing them how to go about creating a work, be it a small miniature or large painting.

“I was lucky to have been in a classroom and learnt with a famous artist. I felt humbled that he explained art history and form, and deep down he gave us the ability and freedom to create,” she said.

Cary Davies’ artwork can be found in Merlo’s Head Office at Bowen Hills.

Buy your Art Series 2017 set featuring Cary’s artwork here.



About the Merlo Coffee Art Series

The Merlo Coffee Art Series is done in conjunction with AFTM – a creative initiative of Wesley Mission Queensland.

AFTM delivers an arts program focussed on Outsider Art, for those marginalised by disadvantage or experiencing social isolation, for example as a result of disability or mental health issues.

This program furnishes quality opportunities for participants to create, exhibit and sell their art, as well as building social connections and the skills needed to flourish as an artist.

By exhibiting participants’ work, AFTM increase visibility and therefore social acceptance of people living with alternate challenges from the mainstream.

Each year, Merlo selects a piece of art by one of AFTM’s artists and showcases the work on a limited edition set of collectable, high quality porcelain coffee cups and saucers.

Read more about AFTM on their website here.