The 2015 Merlo Art Series

Merlo has partnered with Art From the Margin, an initiative of the Wesley Mission, to bring you an exciting collaboration – the Merlo Coffee Art Series.

Since 2008, Art from the Margin (AFTM) has been instrumental in bringing artists together and bridging the gap between artists living in isolation, the public and the wider community.  AFTM supports and promotes the work of artists living with adversity, disadvantage and social isolation, including artists living with mental health issues, physical or intellectual disabilities and homelessness.

Merlo Coffee supports AFTM by showcasing the unique work of a disadvantaged artist each year by putting their artwork on a limited edition set of high quality coffee cups and saucers in what will be the Merlo Coffee Art Series. In 2015, Merlo has selected the work of Damien Conte.

To Damien, painting has become an important creative expression that allows him to share his inner world with others. His artworks are full of colour, texture and vibrancy. He uses acrylic paint for the base colour then adds detailed patterns and text using acrylic paint pens. His painting titled City Lights have been placed on a limited edition set of ceramic coffee cups and saucers (inset). Damien has participated in several solo and group exhibitions locally and nationally.

He has won several awards for his work, including two major sponsorship awards from Art from the Margin in 2011 and 2012. In total, each artist’s work will be printed onto 250 limited edition sets and individually numbered for collectors’ purposes.

There will be two cups and two saucers per set in a collector’s box in what will make the perfect gift or collector’s item.

Damian’s City Lights will be the first edition of the Merlo Coffee Art Series. The exquisite cups and saucers by Seltmann Weiden are strictly available while stocks last!

For every Merlo Coffee Art Series set sold, Merlo will be making a donation to support the important work of Art From the Margin.

Damien’s work will rotate on display in all Merlo stores throughout the country.