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Australia’s love affair with coffee is helping to drive milk consumption, with 86 percent of coffee consumed containing some milk, and an impressive 75 percent of all coffees sold have more than 90 percent milk.

Australians consume on average about 2 litres of milk a week – some 103 litres of milk a year, whether that be straight up, or in other products, such as coffee, flavoured product, cheese or other foods.

Merlo Coffee buys about 1 million litres of milk a year just for its 16 retail locations and it has now launched an ice coffee range with a local milk producer.Despite some growth in plant-based alternatives, according to Dairy Australia says coffee is a significant market for dairy. Up to 12 percent of the weekly consumption figure is through the cafe/food service industry.

The company also supplies coffee to 1500 retail outlets around Australia.

Merlo founder Dean Merlo said it was great to know his company was supporting Australian dairy farmers.

“As we celebrate the country and its primary producers at the Ekka, it’s a good time for us to think about what we can do to help our struggling farmers,” Mr Merlo said.

“These figures show there are plenty of little things you can do which all add up and make a difference.”

Mr Merlo suggested buying an extra cup of coffee – particularly a milk rich latte – was a good way to support our Australian farmers.