Merlo & The Common Good: Jemima’s research

Merlo is proud to support research by The Common Good, including that of Jemima Boyd whose research aims to help ICU patients rehabilitate quicker, allowing them to live longer and have a better quality of life.

Currently the guidelines given to physiotherapists for exercising ICU patients are quite broad, and Jemima believes in some cases it’s too conservative. She wants these patients up and exercising sooner to improve both their physical and mental condition.

Jemima is testing how a revised exercise program for ICU patients compares against the set guidelines, and whether we can help these patients get out of bed sooner.

Working with a new device called a FloTrac Sensor, Jemima is aiming to help patients avoid risky surgery. The FloTrac unit is used to monitor a patient’s blood pressure and cardiac output.

It provides up-to-the-minute hemodynamic (blood) information where the patient is in a moderate to high-risk during surgery, including elderly or patients in whom an arterial catheter would not typically be placed. It is the next-generation system which offers a simple approach to monitoring key blood flow information.