Coffee Fanatic #6 – Noela Dillon

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I was born in Brisbane but left in 1965 to work in London, Canada and the UAE and returned to Australian to settle with my Canadian/Australian husband James who I met and married in Calgary, Canada in 1967.  After a few years back home in Brisbane, we both decided to leave the big smoke and head for a tree change in Warwick.  Here, I play croquet, practice tai chi, enjoy reading, photography and generally enjoy the clear blue skies and fresh air of life in the country. I love the performing arts, visiting art galleries/museums and for five years was President of Warwick Arts Council.

Which is your favourite Merlo store?

My favourite store would be the Queen Street “bar” as this was the first place I ever sat down and tasted a cup of Merlo coffee!  I can still remember that very special ambiance it had and my friends and I would pretend we were somewhere in Italy for an hour or two while we drank coffee and ate biscotti.  However, we usually purchase our beans at the Springfield store.

What is your typical coffee order?

My usual coffee order is a lactose-free cappuccino.  Sometimes I might have an Americano if I feel in the mood.

How many coffees would you drink a day?

Perhaps one or two. My husband James usually makes me a cappuccino in the evening after dinner and if I meet up with friends during the day I’ll have another one. I’ve been drinking Merlo for over 20 years.


What is your favourite Merlo bean/blend? (e.g. BOM, house blend(espresso) etc

I have two favourite Merlo beans/blends – Espresso Blend and Private Blend.


What made you start drinking coffee initially?

My mother often had a coffee percolator bubbling away on the stove when we were growing up and the love of coffee just followed from that custom.


Who is your favourite person to have a coffee with?

James is my favourite person with whom I enjoy a coffee.  I love watching him in his ritual of preparing our beloved Pavoni in readiness, the hissing of the steam and then the final product!  He’s been my favourite barista since we acquired our first Pavoni in Canada in 1976.


What is your fondest coffee related memory?

During winter in the UAE, I have lovely memories of sitting on the cushions in a tent on the sand dunes near where we lived in the country oasis town of Al Ain, sharing gawa (Arabian coffee) and dates with our Emirati neighbours while they watched the camel races on television.


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