Coffee Fanatic #4 – Ray Do Rozario

How long have you been drinking Merlo for?

I’ve been drinking Merlo coffee for about 7 years.  First tasted the coffee at Bowen Hills where my daughter was studying to be a fitness trainer. The coffee was strong and flavoursome which really impressed me.  My daughter Sarah eventually joined  a gym nearby, so we were able to enjoy regular coffee meet ups together.  My son, a restaurant manager,  ended up living nearby at Newstead and also was impressed with Merlo’s coffee – so we would also drop in there when able.


Why have you remained loyal to Merlo?

Consistently good, strong, creamy & flavoursome  coffee – the way I like it – whether at Bowen Hills or Merlo Toowoong. No doubt why both venues are so popular, especially in the mornings. People like their coffee!


What is your fondest coffee memory?

Not sure which?  But one that comes to mind easily is enjoying a cold, double shot flat white with a dollop of ice-cream on a hot summer’s day in Brisbane.  A great pick-me-up!!


What would your life look like without coffee?

For my wife Monica and I, having a ‘nice’ coffee is a regular outing each week. Inexpensive, enjoyable, and relaxing. Made more so when combined with Merlo’s pistachio balls or fruit & nut slices.  So life without coffee would be a bit boring! Tea, milkshakes etc.. don’t quite cut it!  If only there were more Merlo run outlets our way!


Describe your relationship with coffee in three words?

Close and strong!