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Coffee Fanatic #3 – Tan Ormsby

What is your coffee of choice?

My coffee of choice is the good ole ‘Flat White’. To justify having one  (although I’m not supposed to have milk) – I have it ‘Skinny’ with one raw sugar


What is your bean of choice and why?

I’m a simple gal at heart and pretty predictable- the Merlo ‘House’ is my fav, why mess with the best!


How many coffees would you consume in a day?

I used to be an addict and drink 4-5 large coffees a day, but now following doctor’s orders, since I cannot give up milk in my coffee, I am down to one a day (but sometimes two if I’m out with the gals!)



Which is your favourite Merlo wholesale store?

I have two favourite stores – Mister Q in Springwood which is where I discovered Merlo coffee approx. 3-4 years ago. I stumbled across it while the kids where grabbing an ice cream after netball one day. From the first sip I was hooked, full hook, line and sinker! The two girls that are ALWAYS there are so sweet, I would drive 30mins daily to get my fix – now it’s my ‘MUST STOP’ on our way to netball every Saturday and my 1st stop on the way to our hospital appointments and stays at QCH.

One day I stopped in at the supermarket on the way to drop my child off at Beenleigh Special School in a different suburb than I live and saw the magnificent blue ‘Merlo’ sign.

I could not believe my luck and from that day on I stop every day on my way to dropping my daughter off. It’s a ritual and the girls at the Coffee Cube at Mt Warren Park Blvd, are just wonderful. They treat my daughter, Ruby, so sweetly, they know and care about our lives and our day, they support the Special School whenever we need something for fundraising- they are simply the BEST!


What is your earliest memory of coffee?

I got ‘coffee fever’ from a very young age, primary school in fact. My bestie and I used to sneak half a cup of coffee from the teacher’s tables when they had special meetings and we had to go do the dishes and clean up. We always volunteered because we were allowed to have a piece of cake or something that was left, little did they know we were pouring ourselves a wee coffee to go with it! LOL




Why do you drink coffee?

From the very first sip, it’s like ecstasy for me – everyday, no matter how terribly it may have started, the first sip of my Merlo in the morning just fills me with joy. It literally puts a smile in my heart and on my face – and that I am so grateful for! I know it sounds silly, but it is true, it’s part of my tiny bit of ‘self-nurturing’, doing something for me, and that makes me smile!


What is your favourite part about the coffee culture/Merlo?

One of the great things about Merlo is that no matter where you go – the standard of coffee taste is exactly the same – I’ve never had a bad Merlo no matter where I go and that’s due to the great training and quality control!

I also love the recycling culture that Merlo has. This issue is very close to my heart and I love seeing companies really picking up their game to help our poor Mother Earth struggling from all the pollution in the world!