Coffee Fanatic #1 – Wayne Pennington

How did you discover Merlo?

Around four years ago, one of my colleagues would drop into Merlo in the Valley on the way and shout us all a coffee. I fell in love with Merlo Coffee from then.

Why do you choose Merlo?

I love the coffee of course but it’s that and the consistency in the Merlo stores that keeps me coming back. I also love the variety of beans and I think the compostable cups are a great idea. Oh, and I love the food too!

What is your favourite Merlo store?

My favourite store is the Eagle Farm store. My work colleagues and I stop by every single morning before work. The girls know us and they’re great.

What is your coffee of choice?

I drink a Long Black so there’s no hiding the coffee behind milk. I think a Long Black gives the best flavour.

Why do you drink coffee?

The ritual of coming for coffee in the morning is the highlight of my day. Sets my day up. I also love the taste.

What is your bean of choice and why?

My workmates and I love the BOM. Mostly because of the variety. You get a different experience every time which is great.

If I like the BOM, that’s my coffee of choice otherwise I will order something else. My favourite BOM’s have been the Ethiopian ones. I also loved the recent Colombia Cauca.

We’ve actually been collecting the BOM cards for years and we have a ritual where we get the BOM card at the start of the month, but we don’t look at the flavours. We try the BOM and then will try and guess the flavours to see how accurate we are. We never ever get it right! That actually led me to do a coffee cupping to learn more about determining the flavours.

How many coffees would you consume in a day?

Only one, so it has to be a good one.

What is your earliest memory of coffee?

Probably my university days. Drinking terrible coffee as a uni student just to stay awake. Unfortunately, there was no Merlo store back then at my uni.

What do you think of coffee outside of Australia?

I’ve been to many places across the world and it’s been a big struggle to find decent coffee anywhere. I would say I probably haven’t found any coffee that I’m happy with overseas. Australia definitely has the best coffee, it’s amazing.

Describe your relationship with coffee in three words?

I only need two words; long term